"As an artist and art consultant at Leenie Rae Boutique and Fine Art Gallery, I immediately connected to Steffanie Goodman’s designs, and her ability to honor the ancient traditions of weavers through her art.  Each piece communicates a story in patterns and colors. Steffanie’s uniquely feminine and intricate style as a modern day weaver plays on nature in full bloom. Her gorgeous and lustrous weaves highlight the soft hues of a well designed garden emerging in corals, lavenders, Poppies, oceanic blues, and creams to name a few.  Through her art, it’s as though she is threading together the centuries of the past and the present in a way that connects us all."


Jane Veit, Fine Artist & Art Curator

“Having Heirloom Culture’s beautiful pieces in Stick & Ball Boutique in Mill Valley, CA brought the store to life. We were in need of an artist’s work to transform the walls near our new collection of Resort Wear. Heirloom Culture was a pleasure to work with and brought our store the vibe and color we needed to compliment our collection of apparel from leading international fashion designers. We can not wait to get the next shipment of Heirloom Culture pieces into the store!”

Khaki Wennstrom, Director of Sales, Founder of Fashion Blog Khaki Watch

“Steffanie’s weavings are little works of art and celebrations of true craft.  They are textural, elegant, richly colored and clearly made with deep love and attention to detail.  I feel so blessed to own one of her pieces and to have commissioned another (an Heirloom Culture signature “dreamcatcher”) for my best friend’s 4 year old daughter.  As I go about my day, every time Steffanie’s weaving catches my eye, I am filled with joy – the true metric of a successful addition to a home.”


Walker Allen, Director of Sales and Events, Sidecar Hospitality

“The entire experience of planning Lynne’s birthday gift with Steff from inception to delivery was unexpectedly creative. Lovingly personalized and inspiring in every detail. Lynne loved your story, the thoughtfulness in your “presentation” and the gorgeous weaving that is now hers. Thank you for making Lynne’s birthday such a memorable one, for her and for me.”

Barbara Jablon, Artist

“Steff Goodman created one of the most amazing gifts I ever received in my life for a milestone birthday. As a surprise to me, a group of my friends came together and commissioned her to make a piece that would represent the whole group, sending her materials that represented special memories and stories. She created a masterpiece repurposing and weaving over 14 different materials. The creativity and craftsmanship she used to design the weave was exceptional. She developed a color palette that matched my living space and it fits perfectly with my decor. She was so thoughtful in her process, channeling my energy while listening to music we both love while she worked on the piece. I look at the hanging piece everyday and I'm reminded of all the love in my life. I'm eternally grateful.”

Laura Wainer, Multimedia Producer