The Fibers of a Sanfranland Community: Laura's Gift

Laura is a fixture in a broad community of straight up awesome, artistic, cultural, creative, mindful and music-loving folks from the Bay Area to the East Coast. For her 40th birthday, her friends wanted to do something really special to commemorate the milestone for their beloved friend. One of her best pals reached out to me on behalf of their community to inquire if I could create a meaningful piece of art that would work with Laura’s interiors, appeal to her personal style, and represent aspects of their relationships with the birthday girl. I was honored by the request and met with the party ringleader at my studio. We consulted about the size, color scheme and base materials that would be used to create the work. I received photos of Laura’s interiors from her house mate, and over a dozen of Laura’s closest friends mailed me materials that were symbolic and referenced Laura in some way.

Among many interesting things, the material-memories included a lanyard from Cannes Film Festival, a teddy bear, horse-hair, a towel, stockings, and a map of Cuba. Based on the information I had from Laura’s friends, I repurposed the materials and wove them together to create Laura’s piece, which was then presented to her as a surprise at her big birthday bash. There were tears of joy for days.

Laura has expressed to me that each day when she sees the piece of art on her wall, she feels the love of her community surrounding her. What a gift this was to both of us!

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