A Brand Was Born

A Brand Was Born

It is just about the one-year anniversary of the conception of Heirloom Culture, a brand that greets the world with bold aspirations, and hopes for a long and fruitful life. Hello world!

Back in September 2016, I decided to take a pause on my life in the states and travel to Morocco, a land I’d dreamed to visit for years. Visions of the landscape, exotic culture, and WOVEN GOODS had drawn me in for years. The hand-woven rugs held mysteries I was passionate to decode. The food- Tagine in particular- was a treat in North America that I was destined to compare to the real deal.

My travels through Morocco held more power than I could have ever imagined, unlocking otherworldly inspiration through the dynamic culture and festival for all the senses. The people I met welcomed me with opened arms and intellectual curiosities were exchanged as we found ourselves translating ideas and emotions through hand motions, and attempts at broken French, Arabic and English. I met wonderful people who felt like family by the end of a short few weeks, and I continue to keep in touch with now. My quest to decode the ancient messages in tribal patterns only deepened and set me off for a life pursuit of learning about textiles and the spiritual and social contexts of weaving over millennium.

Upon returning back to the states, my heart had shifted and opened with a certainty that I needed to indulge in a new life path that was cloaked with the joy that exudes from being surrounded by rich colors and textures, beautiful aesthetics, meaningful art and craft, and the stories found in the design all around us. It has taken nearly a year to weave together those impulses and launch Heirloom Culture. Over the past year I've continued to refine my weaving techniques, show my art at openings, design and make women's accessories, create this site, and plan for the future of this new textile art business. And, lest I not forget, I also stepped down from my long term job as a health care consultant to create space for this new path.

I'd be omitting the full truth if I didn't say that being an entrepreneur is one of the most wild rides I've been on professionally. It is incredibly challenging on the heart and wallet, and requires a ton of emotional fortitude, positive thinking, self-initiated learning, drawing on resources that you didn't know where available prior to needing them, an AMAZING network of friends and family to tell you that you are not crazy to follow a dream and you can make something out of nothing with a ton of hard work and perseverance, and a bit of fearlessness. And then you also need some really good support that your friends and family can't give you - like knowing what helps you thrive - such as a consistent yoga and meditation practice, exercise, or some vice that has a happiness effect.

If you have made it all the way to the end of this article, I THANK YOU for sticking in there with me, and offer you a motto that I've had on my wall for the past 15 years and which has also helped me to bring Heirloom Culture to you: Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage (-Anais Nin).

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