Size: 6’5” x 10’


Zaiane Berber Rug

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  • Story:

    Plush Hand-woven Moroccan Rug by the Berber Weavers of the Zaiane Tribe

    A pleasure to see in a room and walk across, this gorgeous rug has a thick pile of pure hand spun wool. The deep hues of orchid purple, tangerine and cherry red are balanced by buttery cream and charcoal grey wool. The colors are woven together to form a symmetrical lattice grid of diamonds within large diamonds, characteristic of Berber rugs. A delight for the feet and for babies to crawl across, this piece is relatively new, woven within the last 15 years and is in stellar condition. It’s a showstopper. The use of a non-skid pad under the rug is recommended.

  • The raw, unrefined wool may include small, embedded natural fibers. Over time, these fibers will work their way to the surface. No need to panic – shedding of loose fibers is normal with new wool rugs and will subside over time. What surprises many customers is that it isn’t exactly heavy foot traffic that ruins a rug, it’s the dirt that accumulates and embeds itself in the rug over time as a result of the foot traffic. On a micro level, dirt shreds the fibers of the rug and causes it to degenerate over time. The longer the dirt is left in the rug, the deeper it becomes embedded, which exponentially increases the damage. Regularly clean this rug by either brushing with a broom, or vacuuming side to side (not end to end), ideally on a light setting. For liquid spills, act quickly to prevent from drying – use paper towels to absorb. After several years it is recommended to have your rug professionally washed,

    particularly if you have pets in the home.