Rainbow Kimono

  • 8 x 35


    Delicate and ethereal, Rainbow Kimono tells the story of when Japan thread

    embroidery began. Historically it has it’s roots in China with gold, silver, and

    copper metalwork. Gold and silver yarns were made by pounding gold and silver stock into extremely thin leaf, which was sliced into very narrow strips and then rolled around a core and twisted into yarn. With time, the gold yarn was modified to a gilt yarn, which was silver with a gold overlay. The Japanese later developed a method of making metal threads by depositing a coating of gold or silver on rice paper, which was then cut into fine strips and wrapped around a thread core. This became known as Japan Gold or Japan Silver. Today, the technology has evolved to ease the process using synthetic gimp rather than gold on silk.


    This piece is made with vintage 24K gold thread, part of a vintage supply

    from the 1930’s, on a limited edition Saori silk warp. Fine jewelry for your



    Silk, vintage 24K gold thread, wool, cotton. Lucite dowel.