Size: 5’ 2” x 6’ 6”

Glaoua Rug

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  • Story:

    Vintage Hand-woven Rug by Glaoua Berber Tribe

    Thami El Glaoui, known in English-speaking countries as Lord of the Atlas, was the Pasha of Marrakesh from 1912 to 1956, and the chieftan of the Glaoua Berber tribe of southern Morocco. The Glaoui family was based at the Kasbah of Telouet in the High Atlas mountains- a strategic post on the trade route between the Sahara and Marrakesh. Rugs woven by the Glaoua are among the most popular from the Higher Atlas mountain region,

    spanning over 54 villages. They characteristically incorporate some three weaving techniques (waved, knotted, and embroidered) and may be displayed on both sides, front or back. The pattern on this rug is equally smart, elegant, and ethnic- perfect for today’s bohemian chic

    home. Over 50 years old and perfectly worn, it is made of goat’s hair, wool and natural dies. The calming dusty rose, sage green and cream are highlighted against the charcoal grey for a gorgeous combination that can accent any room. A lighter weight rug like this was woven in such

    a way as to be mobile, easily stored, carried and rolled out. As such it is easy to wash and can be just as useful in homes today. Truly a work of art, this piece is stunning as a wall hanging or rug. The use of a non-skid pad under the rug is recommended.

  • This vintage, flat weave rug will not shed loose fibers. You can easily remove dirt from this rug by shaking it out, brushing with a broom, or vacuuming on the lightest setting side to side (not end to end). For liquid spills, act quickly to prevent from drying – use paper towels to absorb. After several years it is recommended to have your rug professionally cleaned, particularly if you have pets in the home.