Size: 4’ 2” x 6’ 8”

Faded Indigo Kilim Rug

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  • Story:

    Vintage Hand-woven Kilim Rug

    Faded indigo and violet hues, combined with traditional geographic designs, this vintage rug brings a bohemian vibe to any space. Hand-woven in central Morocco, the piece features traditional motifs and symbolism in a great color combination of indigo and violet (appearing almost like denim), with accents of espresso, white, green, saffron and red. This piece will add a

    one-of- a-kind artisanal feel to any entryway, office or living space. Crafted using three weaving techniques (flat, knotted and embroidered) this rug is made from wool and cotton and is incredibly durable - perfect for standing up to with whatever the day-to- day may throw its way. It is in excellent condition!

  • This Kilim style rug will not shed loose fibers. You can easily remove dirt from this rug by shaking it out, brushing with a broom, or vacuuming on the lightest setting side to side (not end to end). For liquid spills, act quickly to prevent from drying – use paper towels to absorb. After several years it is recommended to have your rug professionally cleaned, particularly if you have pets in the home.